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Tech Support On Demand
We provide tech support service throughout Argentina. This service includes in situ technical assistance by one of our proficient maintenance engineers who will diagnose, repair, adjust, calibrate and ask for the needed supplies in order to reestablish the proper functionality of the broken equipment.
When the customer requires our technical support, we start a new case. Once notified, we coordinate a visit as soon as possible according to transportation availability to and from the place.
On arrival, our engineer will check the equipment in order to provide the corresponding diagnosis using the technical documentation available and his own expertise. If needed, we will ask for technical support directly from the manufacturer.
If we are able to repair the equipment on the same day, we will write a technical report with the detailed information about what has been done and the customer will be asked to sign it, setting the case as closed. If the problem is complex, the technical support will be resumed the following day.
In the event of being unable to repair the equipment due to an external issue not related to Kservice (e.g. lack of supplies, lack of support from the manufacturer, lack of interest from the customer to repair the equipment) the assistance will be called off until the issues are solved.

Pricing policy
1- Fees: it’s charged only once per technical assistance.
2- Travel allowance: it’s charged only once per support. This item includes travel allowance and lodging. The cost will vary according to the zone where the customer is located.
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