Health Imaging Services and Solutions

  • Mi Pacs :: Administración Digital de Imágenes Médicas.
  • Servicio en todo el país :: Servicio en todo el país.
  • Servicio técnico :: Conservando su inversión en equipamiento.
  • Optimización :: Optimizamos sus Departamentos de Imágenes.
About the Company
Kservice represented by Mr Pacs SRL is a medical images connectivity solutions’ business. We are the only national company providing this service in Argentina. We operate in Argentina and internationally thanks to a dedicated call center focused on solving our customers’ problems. We use a special platform called cloud computing which essentially allows us to load our customers’ requests through “files” that get a constant monitoring. Our customers receive SMS and e-mail alerts with important updates on their case creating a historical registry of every piece of equipment and the service provided.
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